The Book

“The book Discovered In Kathmandu is an account of the philanthropic adventures of a retired English schoolteacher which reaped unexpected rewards both for him and for the orphans he met.”

Due for publication 1 March 2014
Sales of the book will help me support the boys and it can be purchased via Amazon on this link Discovered in Kathmandu.

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From earliest childhood I had wanted to write a book, but never felt I had anything to write about, so in course of time I completely forgot about it.

Then at last I realised I had a story to tell. This was in 2012, three years after my first trip to Nepal. I thought it was an unusual story, and interesting enough to turn into a book so I set about it.

Partly I wanted to put down, in writing, the series of events so that I could reflect on them and perhaps evaluate what had happened. Then I thought it would be wonderful for these people in Nepal to have a book written about them, something which they would never have dreamed possible. Finally, I did see it as a way of raising money, to help see the project through to its completion.

I was lucky to have encountered such a delightful family, I mean not only the five orphan boys, but also Indra Maya’s own children and grandchildren. They all form a very tightly-knit community, which has been so vital to their survival. In the book I have tried to convey this close bond as well as the way they help and support each other through many hard times.

Cycling round Lake Fewa Pokhara

Cycling round Lake Fewa Pokhara

Any money which is raised through book sales and donations will be used to pay for college fees, medical needs, food, accommodation, books, transport etc. – until such time as these young people become independent and can earn their own living.

Already I am deeply indebted to a number of my own friends and family members who, either through donations or loans, have helped me fulfil this aim. But I foresee the project lasting another five or six years, which I estimate will cost in the region of £50,000 to £60,000 bearing in mind all the likely costs involved.

The students I am supporting all have their eyes set on helping to improve their country, and making a significant contribution to the welfare of the Nepalese people. I hope, with your help, I will be able to give them the best possible chance in life.

The light of the rising sun on the summit of Mt Sarangkot.

The light of the rising sun on the summit of Mt Sarangkot. Behind us was a double rainbow!