How to Help

Nick MorriceVery simply, my project is to provide higher education for nine Nepalese students so that they will be sufficiently qualified to get a good job and make their way in the world. Here is a brief list of them and their aims:

The Five Orphans:

Their ‘cousins’ i.e. grandsons to Indra Maya who ran the orphanage are:

  • Ashish – catering and hotel management
  • Abhishek, Ashish’s younger brother – still at school
  • Indu, a granddaughter to Indra Maya – nursing

Finally, the boy I taught briefly at Triple Gem School, then we re-discovered each other amazingly on Facebook is:

But I am also giving help to one other person: Niran and Sunil’s brother, Kiran, a tailor who was down on his luck when I met him in March 2013 and now runs a small shop in Kathmandu. I might say that he is an expert tailor, has run up a pair of jeans and white cotton pyjamas for me – and similar hand-made clothes made by Kiran can be part of your reward if you decide to make a financial contribution to my project.

As you can imagine, this is all costing me a lot of money, and I now need financial help from other sources to help me fulfil my, and the boys, aims.

Because this is a limited term project, lasting at the most another six years, I have not registered it as a charity. But the aims are charitable, and so I have opened a charity bank account which will be used solely for the purpose of funding the education and welfare of these young people in Nepal.

If you would be like to make a donation, it is a simple matter of making a bank payment as follows:

Name: Discovered in Kathmandu
Sort Code: 090128
Account Number: 76615808

You can also buy the book from Amazon and all good book stores – all the money raised from sales will be used to help these wonderful young people.

If you would like to hold a fund raising event, or bulk order the books – please do get in touch. All help is gratefully received. Thank you.

The light of the rising sun on the summit of Mt Sarangkot.

The light of the rising sun on Mt Sarangkot’s summit and behind us was a double rainbow!